PMS - Channel manager for hotels and vacation rentals!

Easily manage bookings across multiple channels and increase revenue with Digitelia!

  • Visible on 300+ channels simultaneously
  • Immediate updates of availability and prices
  • Manage all your reservations from one dashboard
  • Booking engine with 0% commission
  • Your website via website builder
Digitelia PMS
Channel Manager
Booking Engine

PMS - Channel Manager - Booking Engine - Website Builder

Booking engine

A comprehensive system which has been created to increase your reservations based on your needs.

Channel manager

It helps you manage your reservations and the availability of your hotel rooms on many channels such us Airbnb, etc.

Property management system (PMS)

A simple, extremely fast and secure system that brings together everything required of a modern hotel in order to operate efficiently.

Website builder

A dynamic website for your business, ready to combine Booking Engine, PMS, and Channel Manager, all-in-one!

Invoicing system

With Digitelia, invoicing becomes easier and faster with 1 SINGLE click on the same platform!

Unification of accommodation types

Smart management of your accommodation types for greater earnings and flexibility on reservations.

Ability to book separate rooms or entire apartments depending on the number of people of the reservation!

Cleaning organizing

Organize cleaning in all types of accommodation whenever you wish, and keep your staff informed so that everything is done on time!

Discount coupons

Create discount coupons for special occasions with the ability to adjust the number and the period of use!



with hotels

with villas

with apartments


300+ supported channels

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How to get Digitelia


Communication between Digitelia and unit


Data entry & system learning


PMS Completion

Website builder

You have the opportunity to get a dynamic website so that you can have your own channel to promote your accommodation types without channel commissions.

  • Changeable design with just one click!
  • Synchronization between the website and all connected channels.
  • Ability to register your own domain name.
  • Presentation of the property.
  • Presentation of all available accommodation types.
  • Increase revenue.

Invoicing system

You can get your own modern invoicing system for hotels & vacation rentals.

  • Direct invoicing with just 1 click within the platform!
  • Customer retention.
  • Automatic issuance of stayover tax.
  • Vouchers can be sent via e-mail etc.

Trusted partnerships

Hotel Sunshine Matala

Digitelia is truly amazing! The management of my accomodation types is now much easier and the number of reservations I receive has been increased!



Digitelia made it incredibly easy for me with its in-platform pricing system. Now, I save time and invoice easier!

Sophia's Lemontree

The Digitelia platform gave me the opportunity to have my own dynamic website where I can accept reservations and be connected to all major, global rental channels.

Cretan Villas

This platform has helped me a lot with the management of a large number of villas that I have taken over as a manager. My decision to use Digitelia was the best I ever made!

Hotel Nostos

With Digitelia's channel manager, I connect to a large number of channels, and any changes I make to my hotel are automatically updated. Now I have no reservation gaps!

Athina Residence

 Personally, I took advantage of all the tools that Digitelia offers, and I noticed a really big difference in my revenue and reservations!

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